JBO Engineering Pty Ltd is a precision engineering company located in Kilsyth, Melbourne. Operating since 1994, JBO has grown from strength to strength to become a strong supplier of CNC Machining in Melbourne.

JBO has grown and developed with the changing technologies and procedures, constantly investing in cutting-edge resources and how to stay a dominant engineering company in Melbourne.

Our dedicated and skilled staff have a number of automatic and manual machines to produce quality work on, whether it be for CNC machining, rubber moulds or tool making.

Who is JBO?

JBO is a small engineering company, specialising in CNC machining and toolmaking. Located in Kilsyth, for over 15 years has been dealing with small to medium orders and production for both manufacturers and clients. Offering tool making in particular rubber moulds in Melbourne, JBO are able to deal with emergency situations and have the capabilities to take a product from design to completion. We service several industries, including medical, scientific, pharmaceutical and aerospace.

Why Choose JBO for your engineering needs?
  • Have 15 years' experience in the field
  • Continually growing and adapting to new methods
  • We have a strong customer service approach - from one offs to weekly orders
  • Have been dealing with many of the same customers for 15 years
  • CNC machining specialists
  • Rubber Mould Tooling experts
  • Offer competitive prices
Quality work for competitive pricing

At JBO engineering in Melbourne, we like to know our customers are satisfied with our work, which is why we employ the very best in CNC machining and rubber mould methods. We also offer CNC milling, in a variety of metals and plastics, along side tool making. Our team at JBO aim to build strong relationships with our customers, like we have done for the past 15 years. We focus on the customers' requests and businesses to ensure we fully understand what they are looking for. All of our work is high quality with a competitive price point, allowing us to be a strong force in the engineering industry in Melbourne.

Outstanding customer service

At JBO, whether you have been a customer for 15 years, or one day we aim to provide you with the very best assistance when dealing with your enquiry and order. When you deal with JBO you will always speak to the person who will oversee your job, ensuring full understanding of your requests and the job will be finished in the most effective and qualitative process. JBO know that their clients come back time and time again not only because of the quality products, but because of their ability to understand their clients needs from the initial meeting, right through to production and the final product.


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