CNC turning details

At JBO Engineering, we have 2 CNC Lathes and years of experience in CNC turning.

One of our CNC turning machines is a Long bar feed CNC lathe. This lathe allows for the repetitive turning of bar stock up to Ø50mm and machining of billets up to Ø250mm with chucking. The bar feed capability allows us to machine unattended, reducing the cost per part. The lathe is solid and accurate, allowing for aggressive CNC turning, which helps to keep costs down. Our staff have experience in turning single parts up to thousands at a time.

Our second CNC Lathe is a twin spindle live tooled lathe, which allows us to complete much more complex parts. This CNC turning machine is fitted with a magazine bar loader capable of feeding up to Ø75mm. This lathe enables parts to be produced without as many setups, increasing the productivity and accuracy of CNC turning.

For more information about our CNC turning capabilities, contact JBO today.