CNC milling details

CNC milling allows for fast & efficient production. At JBO Engineering, we utilise state of the art programming to create short cycle times. We utilise unique fixturing to allow maximum CNC milling in a minimal amount of time.

Our computerised machining solutions ensure quality and consistency at all times. The specialised controls on the machines allow for programming directly on the machine or importing of complex files from our CADCAM program. All machines are equipped with thru tool coolant for superior chip evacuation. Our unique work holding methods allow us to run for many hours unattended, which helps to reduce the piece part price as well as shorten lead times.

At JBO we have 4 CNC mills, with 3 and 4 axis CNC milling capacity. Two live 4th axis’s allows for advanced contouring and machining, not just indexing. The staff at JBO have over 50 years of combined experience in CNC milling and machining. We have worked with a vast array of materials, and we have dedicated tooling that allows us to create the ideal finish every time.

With specialised tooling, unique work holding methods, and decades of CNC milling experience, we can machine more effectively, resulting in faster turnaround times for your projects.

For more information about our CNC milling and CNC machinery capabilities, contact JBO today.