At JBO there is nothing we cannot machine in a small to medium production run. We aim to service all requests from clients and with our strong resources and skilled staff we produce quality results for every job taken on.

JBO Engineering in Melbourne specialises in custom CNC Milling and CNC turning and small production orders for tool making and rubber moulds. At our Melbourne location, we have the latest Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery, manufacturing parts for a number of diverse industries. As part of this service, our equipment can produce a range of parts turned and milled from materials such as aluminium, titanium, steel (including tool steels), stainless steel, brass, copper and plastics.

Our equipment for tool making and other CNC engineering includes:
  • 4 Axis Milling
  • 1 VMC 1000 X 500mm
  • 3 Axis Milling
  • 1 VMC 600 x 500mm
  • 1 VMC 1000 x 500mm
  • 2 Axis Turning
  • Up to diameter 350mm

At JBO we have dedicated, skilled and trained staff to oversee all CNC machining (CNC milling and CNC turning), manufacturing of rubber moulds and tool making procedures. JBO’s computerised production system provides consistent and quality results and performance every time.

Aside from CNC engineering and rubber moulds manufacturing, we also have the capabilities to offer services in plastic injection die manufacture, press tooling, vacuum form tooling, jigs and fixtures, from one cavity up to 100’s.

We engineer products for the following industries (just to name a few):
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Electronic
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical

We also cater to general engineering and tool making requirements of non industry based customers. At JBO we like to think of our capabilities as limitless, always listening and thinking of solutions for client’s requests. Whether a one-off or emergency job or a weekly order is placed, we will put in 100% of our resources and efforts to ensure you are satisfied and our job has successfully been completed.

Why Choose JBO for your engineering needs?

  • Have 15 years experience in the field
  • Continually growing and adapting
  • We have a strong customer service approach-from one offs to weekly orders
  • CNC machining specialists
  • Rubber Mould Tooling experts
  • Offer competitive prices
Complete CNC Engineering Services